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At Canberra Property Solutions, we understand a simple thing about property. For everybody else, a property is just that, a property. For you, it is your home. Later, you might think of your home as an investment that you may want to lease or sell. To start with, you are looking for a home. There are a lot of sentiments attached to every home and each and every agent from Canberra Property Buyer Solutions always has that at the back of his or her mind, when showing you property. If you have just moved to the city of Canberra or thinking of moving to Canberra pretty soon, you should be talking to us. We are asking you to do so for a number of reasons. A lot of people who work here at Canberra know all too well, the difficulties that come with purchasing a home. You could be spending hours searching for that one property for sale in Canberra that suits your particular needs. The stress that comes with buying the said home or property can really get into your mind. Canberra Property Solutions know it because we went through the same pain. What we want to do, is to ensure that you don’t have to go through all that pain. We know that with our help, you will zero in on the home that you want to move in to in quick time. If all this sounds good, read on to find out why you should allow us to be your preferred partner in buying a house in Canberra.  

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Client Testimonials

“We engaged Tom Duffy to act as our Buyer's Agent while we were living overseas and preparing to return to Canberra.  As we were not in the country we needed someone in Canberra to do all the hard work of locating a suitable property.  We were extremely happy with the outstanding service provided by Tom.

With Tom's expert knowledge of the Canberra market he was able to give us sound, honest advice and help us to find our dream home.  In comparison to the amount we saved due to Tom's negotiating skills we consider the fee minimal.

Tom has also been an excellent source of advice and has provided us with contacts for setting up our home in Canberra.  We cannot praise Tom highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Matt & Tammy Stafford
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Why Choose Us?
Canberra is one of the largest cities in Australia, and this is our home ground. One of the many things our customers love about us is that we are the only full time professional Canberra buyer’s agent. Sure, the city has other realtors but we are the only ones who do this full time. When you are dealing with a full time consultant you know that we are focused only on real estate and nothing else. It is this confidence that our customers enjoy and when you meet Canberra Property Solutions, you will do the same. Here are additional reasons why you should be allowing us to be your property buying partner.
  • Experience – When you contact us, you will have your own property agent who will be with you till you make the purchase. We assure you that this agent has the required knowledge as well as the real estate know how to help you find the best property. This agent will understand your specific requirements and accordingly make recommendations.
  • Personalized Solutions – There is perhaps nothing more personal than a home. Even if you are buying a property more as an investment than anything else, you still have specific wishes about what you want to buy. We know that buying a car is no different than buying a car or a watch. Property is one of those things that are amongst the most intensely personal things. That is why, we at Canberra Property Solutions promise to give you personalized solutions for Canberra house prices. The property solution that we offer to one customer will be different than the solution that is offered to another customer. You are a unique individual and as a response to that, we tailor our solutions.
  • Complete Disclosures – Some real estate dealers have this unhealthy habit of hiding details about the property. We guess that they do it because these details, if made known to the customer, might make them back out of the purchase. At Canberra Property Solutions, we don’t do that. We understand that you are spending a lot of your hard earned money into this home. We want you to make fully informed purchases and that means, making a full disclosure of everything there is to know about the house.
  • Professional Communication – We are convinced that the thing that makes property purchasing such a complicated procedure is that there are so many steps involved. Of course, it is our mission at Canberra Property Solutions to make sure that you don’t feel the “complications” involved. At the same time, we don’t want to keep you in the dark about the steps involved. That is why, our agents from Canberra Property Solutions will always tell you about each and every step that is happening as part of the buying procedure.
  • 100 % Customer Satisfaction – As a buyers advocate in Canberra, we know that you only make the purchase if you are completely satisfied with us. That is also when we get to pocket our fee. This is why, we want to make sure that you are completely happy with your experience with us. For Canberra Property Solutions, 100% satisfaction is not just a bullet point but a mission goal.
  • Professional Assistance – Over the years, Canberra Property Solutions has learnt that property purchasing can be like a web of tangles for those who are not really in real estate business. That means, when you start looking around for homes and investments, you will run into many a words that you don’t quite understand. That is why, our buyers’ agent in Canberra are available at your disposal to answer any and all queries. We promise to prove easy to understand explanations to every query of yours.
  • Free Initial Consultation – We charge nothing if you wish to speak with us to discuss your options. In other words, there is really no reason why you should not be calling us right now to discuss the Canberra property market.
Obviously, anybody can make claims about being really great at what they do. We won’t ask you to just take our word for it. We will let our customers back up everything we have said above through their glowing testimonials that you can read on our site.
Property Services
If you are reading this, that means, you are considering doing business with us. For that, we are extremely thankful. With that in mind, let us share with you the many services that we provide. After all, we are a property solutions company. That means we cover the entire gamut of services related to property purchasing.
  • Residential Property Purchasing – This is our primary business. Help you find that dream home where you plan to raise your family and spend the rest of your life. Buying a property is a complicated process, made even more complex because of the life factors involved. Normally, you would be worried when it comes to buying a home. Thanks to our expert estate agents, watch as we eliminate this worry as we walk you to the home that you want to buy.
  • Property Investments – We understand that you might not be buying a home to move into. Rather, you could be thinking of it as an investment. If so, your requirements will be slightly different and we will help you with that. Help you find that “investment” that you are looking for. When you buy an investment, you will also need property management and we will talk about it in a while.
  • Relocation Services – Moving to a new city is always daunting, and this is after you have decided the house that you are going to purchase or move into. We will help you with relocation. We will narrow down the list of all the homes you want to purchase and leave it to you to make the final call.
  • Property Management – Earlier we talked about our property investment services. As part of that service we help you buy property that will grow over the years and give excellent returns. One part of it is to manage the property so that it gains in value as expected. You can simply let us manage the property for you.
Working with Us
Before you pick up the phone and call us, we thought we would sum up what we do here in five simple steps.
  1. You will start off by meeting our team member, which is part of our free consultation.
  2. Then, you let us know the type of budget that you are working with. You also tell us the type of home you are looking for.
  3. We use the information you have provided and provide you with a list of options that are currently available in the market. We also suggest the best property based on whether you wish to move into this new property or park it as an investment.
  4. Based on our recommendations, you point and say, “This is the property I want”.
  5. Now that the choice has been made, we will help you with the purchasing process and wrap things out.
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We love helping people like you buy the home of your dreams to live in or for the investment that you want and with more than a 90% success rate we love dealing in the Canberra property auction market. We are a full time consultant and that helps us give you the complete dedication that you deserve. Our agents are trained professional, we have transparent communication systems in place and we have fantastic testimonials from our existing customers. Overall, we can say with pride that no one else in Canberra will be able to match you in terms of customer service and tailored property solutions like Canberra Property Solutions can. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now and give us a call. We promise that this is a phone call that you will never regret!