Why Curbside Appeal
is Important.

Homes that leave a good impression among potential buyers often sell fast. Whether in a period of slump or rapid market activity, it is important for sellers to invest in first impressions. Home buyers are interested in properties with striking and unique features that set them apart from the rest. By improving their property's facade, sellers can increase its value and encourage offers from various prospects.

Why Invest in Curbside Appeal?

Beyond the budget and financial resources buyers put out, buying a home is also a mental and emotional journey. Sellers, or their authorised agents, need to get to the heart of prospective buyers for them to close in a deal. There is no better way to stir buyer sentiments than to make your home attractive and interesting.

Curbside Appeal in a Nutshell

Curb appeal pertains to how your home looks from a distant vantage point. It also refers to its overall attractiveness and the impression it leaves at first glance. Should your property fail to evoke a favourable response among potential buyers, they are more likely to move on to a different home more suitable to their standards.

Some potential buyers will size up your home the moment they see it and start comparing with other houses in the neighbourhood. Staging your home to leave a good impression and stand out is indeed a valid reason. Selling your property is similar to selling a product. The more appealing its appearance, the higher your chances of getting picked.

What Value Does it Add to Your Home?

Curbside appeal offers several benefits. A well-manicured lawn or a visually stunning garden landscape, for example, increases your home's perceived value by more than 10 percent. A good facade is encouraging for potential buyers, many of whom would prefer to live in an attractive home. The good news is that the actual costs of curb appeal investments are not as expensive as you think. There are ways to maximise your home's perceived value without breaking the bank.

Tips for Increasing Curb Appeal

Here are simple ways to boost your property's curb appeal and achieve a successful sale:

  • Paint your door with a fresh new colour
  • Make sure your driveway, garage and porch are spic and span
  • Remove dried leaves and weeds from your garden
  • Mow your overgrown lawn
  • Declutter your garden landscape
  • Maintain your roof and repaint where necessary
  • Plant new flower beds
  • Trim, shape and manicure hedges
  • Decorate the exterior (keep it simple and avoid going overboard)
  • Clean glass windows and edges
  • Add potted plants by the front door
  • Redesign your mailbox to make it more attractive
  • Maintain the gutters and have it thoroughly cleaned beforehand
  • Invest in outdoor lighting

Note that these are just our recommendations and home owners have the discretion to beautify their homes as they see fit. If time is of the essence, pick key areas that are likely to leave a great impact on potential homebuyers. Focus on these areas of your property when you start your curb appeal project.

Importance of Curb Appeal In a Buyer’s Market

The home buying market is rife with competition. Sellers need to stage their property and list their property publicly to spark interest. The competitive atmosphere often pushes sellers to explore as many options as they can just to increase their chances. Curbside appeal, however, is a necessary quality most potential buyers look for during house hunts. It makes them consider your property seriously and think twice before they move on to other properties on their list.

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