Practical Home Staging Tips

If carried out well, staging brings out your home's unnoticed potentials while also helping you find the right buyer. Home staging is meant to attract prospective buyers by making the property look and feel inviting. While it takes effort to level up your home's aesthetics and some property owners may find it time-consuming, studies show that staging generates more favourable results. Buyers were more interested in staged properties and saw themselves being able to live in one. Home staging had up to a 5% better chance of an offer compared to homes sold without any staging at all.

Should You Stage Your Home?

Simply put, staging is preparing your home for a possible sale. Although it could mean different things for different home owners. For some, a quick decluttering and thorough cleaning would do. Others with a grander perception would prefer to hire home staging professionals and replace old furniture and interior with items specially designed for staging. If you are still in a phase of discerning whether staging is the best course of action, keep in mind that you only need to look to yourself for answers. To what extent do you want to prepare your home for prospective buyers?

Consider the costs of home staging too. While it usually does translate to a quicker sale, you have to go over your budget and assess whether the costs are worth it. Do the math first and, if after a thorough calculation, you come to the conclusion that it's a sensible option, then you can proceed with your staging efforts.

Ways to Make Home Staging Work For You

Get Rid of Clutter

Take out everything that you do not need. Donate items that will only consume unnecessary space. Move important stuff to your new property or store it somewhere safe and secure. If you are not yet done moving your possessions, at least keep it aways from prospective buyers' line of sight when you show them around the house. Decluttering makes the property look bigger than it actually is. Put away anything that does not add value to your staging.

Install Sufficient Lighting

When showing buyers around bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen or any key section of the house, make sure there is sufficient lighting. Open the blinds or curtains. Turn on some light fixtures. Check for any lighting issues and wipe off dust from your light bulbs before inviting prospects into your home. Add a daylight lamp if your property seems to lack sufficient lighting in certain areas.

Make Time for Exterior Staging

Sellers focus more on staging the interior of their homes, decorating rooms and kitchen, and often forget that the exterior is just as important. Staging is an all-encompassing term that should be applied to the whole property. Curb appeal is important. Even your garage and lawns should be given a staging makeover as these are places where prospective buyers are likely to encounter when looking around your home.

Balance is Key

What makes for a successful home staging is to not go overboard with anything. You do not want your property to look like a show room at the department store. Give your house more personality with minimalist furniture and a simple arrangement. Inject some personal touches to make your property look more homely and sophisticated at the same time. For more home staging and first home buyer tips, feel free to explore the Canberra Property Solutions blog. You can also talk to our independent buyers advocates should you have questions about investment properties or the property purchasing process.